3 Short Term Career Programs to Finish in a Flash

When people think about careers, they usually associate it with a bulk of work for you to be proficient in a vocation. However, there are certain career programs that take a short amount of time to finish and can lead to rewarding careers.

These programs won’t require you to complete long degrees to take. These are perfect for anyone who doesn’t know what to do or people who want to change professions.

Here are three short term career programs you can finish in a flash and enjoy a rewarding career.


A sales trainee is our first short term career program on the list. As a salesperson, you speak with customers or potential customers. When you do so, you encourage them to purchase your product or service.

This job requires strong interpersonal communication skills, as well as the ability to be very convincing. You need to be able to speak in a clear and precise manner, while also maintaining knowledge about the product or service and explaining it.

More than just selling a certain product or service though, most people don’t realize that sales is more than this. In actuality, people who work in sales have the important job of maintaining relationships with clients and prospective clients.

The job is rewarding. Potential sales usually yield percentage cuts or commissions. However, it can also be very unforgiving. Sales people are the first people to get the axe when it isn’t working out with a company. Thus, they have to be very motivated and skilled to survive in this career.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are people who design specific health and fitness programs for their clients. These usually cover a number of different activities. They include aerobics, things to do at a gym, for flexibility, for strength and conditioning, and even in specific sports like boxing or mixed martial arts.

This job requires an intimate knowledge of the human body, as well as a variety of exercises people can engage in that will target certain focus areas.

However, personal trainers must also market themselves well. Since their job is very intimate and usually done one-on-one with a client, they must ensure that their clients are satisfied and that their clients pass them on to other clients.

These personal trainers usually work in gyms but can also go to the houses of their clients. They are a travelling profession that go where they are needed.

Candidates for this profession can usually complete an online training program. However, they must be certified by taking an exam and skills test.

Hair Stylists

Hair is a sensitive topic. That is because it is very personal. This is the reason why hair stylists are important. They are tasked with changing a client’s hair to their liking. People don’t realize, but the state of our hair affects our confidence.

This profession is more than just understanding how to cut a person’s hair, how to shampoo, iron, and curl it out. It also means that you must understand the nature of hair and how it reacts to the different things that happen to it.

In short, hair stylists are like doctors for hair.

These programs usually take a little less than a year to complete. Much like personal trainers, they also need to take a test to be certified.

No matter what profession you choose, we at the Training News team hope that you pick that one your are satisfied with.

On your journey, to mastering a profession, you will no doubt be required to travel around. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes you a dull person. Why not mix in some fun with your travelling?

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