2 of the Best Professions for Travel Fans

The world is a vast place. Thanks to the internet and the television programs that are being shown, everyone is aware of this. For most people, it is not enough to stay in one place for very long much less their whole life.

The world is out there to be discovered by each person. However, most people feel dwarfed by the need to just find a profession and work.

We here at Training News say, why not both? It is possible to link your love for travelling to your chosen profession. There are jobs you can get that require you to travel. The trick is to find the right one that fits you.

Here are three of the best professions that people who love travelling can take.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are people who try and sell a specific brand of medicine or drug. In this job, these people travel often to the the capital of the UK to different clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and to wherever doctors can be found.

This job requires people to be good sales people. This means that their interpersonal communication skills should be top notch. They should be very confident and can talk for extended periods of time. Moreover though, they should be able to clearly convince the other person that what they are selling should be bought.

Apart from the communication skills though, these people should be smart. Pharmaceuticals is a tricky business because the things you sell have a great effect on the people who will take it.

Thus, pharmaceutical sales representatives should know what their drugs and medicines do. They should also know why their product is better than other products that are currently in the market.

These reps spend half of their time travelling around the country and visit London in a Maserati. As of 2018, the position has earned £32,062 a year.

Brains, charm, and a savvy tongue. However, one other consideration for this position is that you need to look the part. You have to look smart, good, and believable. This starts with the car you drive. What clients see you drive in will set the tone for the meeting.

An expensive car could say you are selling expensive and effective goods. Similarly, an economical car will say that you are selling affordable products that work too. Consider looking at a list of the best economical cars to drive and rent one for your purposes.

Global Events Manager

This job is for people who don’t just like travelling, but love people. As global events manager, you spend half your time travelling to new places in order to find the right venue to plan an event. Once there, you first have to look at the area and plan out the event that you’ll be putting together.

You don’t only need to look at the place though. You have to see the whole area and take a number of things into consideration.

For instance, you need to see if there are stores nearby that people can go to when the event is happening. Are there any places where there are bathrooms or do I have to rent them out for the event? You also need to look at the areas that are leading to your event. Will there be traffic with the number of people coming?

Apart from planning these considerations though, these event managers also need to be savvy with contracts. This means that you need to be a bit knowledgeable with the law and making of contracts. These contracts will be used for booking catering and the entertainment of the event.

Global events managers make £34,519 a year.

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