3 Short Term Career Programs to Finish in a Flash

When people think about careers, they usually associate it with a bulk of work for you to be proficient in a vocation. However, there are certain career programs that take a short amount of time to finish and can lead to rewarding careers.

These programs won’t require you to complete long degrees to take. These are perfect for anyone who doesn’t know what to do or people who want to change professions.

Here are three short term career programs you can finish in a flash and enjoy a rewarding career.


A sales trainee is our first short term career program on the list. As a salesperson, you speak with customers or potential customers. When you do so, you encourage them to purchase your product or service.

This job requires strong interpersonal communication skills, as well as the ability to be very convincing. You need to be able to speak in a clear and precise manner, while also maintaining knowledge about the product or service and explaining it.

More than just selling a certain product or service though, most people don’t realize that sales is more than this. In actuality, people who work in sales have the important job of maintaining relationships with clients and prospective clients.

The job is rewarding. Potential sales usually yield percentage cuts or commissions. However, it can also be very unforgiving. Sales people are the first people to get the axe when it isn’t working out with a company. Thus, they have to be very motivated and skilled to survive in this career.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are people who design specific health and fitness programs for their clients. These usually cover a number of different activities. They include aerobics, things to do at a gym, for flexibility, for strength and conditioning, and even in specific sports like boxing or mixed martial arts.

This job requires an intimate knowledge of the human body, as well as a variety of exercises people can engage in that will target certain focus areas.

However, personal trainers must also market themselves well. Since their job is very intimate and usually done one-on-one with a client, they must ensure that their clients are satisfied and that their clients pass them on to other clients.

These personal trainers usually work in gyms but can also go to the houses of their clients. They are a travelling profession that go where they are needed.

Candidates for this profession can usually complete an online training program. However, they must be certified by taking an exam and skills test.

Hair Stylists

Hair is a sensitive topic. That is because it is very personal. This is the reason why hair stylists are important. They are tasked with changing a client’s hair to their liking. People don’t realize, but the state of our hair affects our confidence.

This profession is more than just understanding how to cut a person’s hair, how to shampoo, iron, and curl it out. It also means that you must understand the nature of hair and how it reacts to the different things that happen to it.

In short, hair stylists are like doctors for hair.

These programs usually take a little less than a year to complete. Much like personal trainers, they also need to take a test to be certified.

No matter what profession you choose, we at the Training News team hope that you pick that one your are satisfied with.

On your journey, to mastering a profession, you will no doubt be required to travel around. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes you a dull person. Why not mix in some fun with your travelling?

Be sure to go to these best places to visit in UK throughout your journey to profession mastery.

Top 3 Websites for Free Online Courses

From the experience of the team at Training News, learning can come from anywhere. For people who want to master their craft, learning is a precious experience that you should seek out wherever it comes from.

Nowadays, one place where you can learn more about almost anything is the ubiquitous internet. The great thing about this is, no matter what age you are, and what your background is, as long as you have a connection, the internet is a great big open book for you to read.

There are several websites that offer free courses for you to take. These cover a variety of topics too like music, astrophysics, math, and whatever you can think of.

Here are 3 of the best websites that offer free online courses.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a revolutionary website tailored for children in school. Their approach to learning is what makes them special.

The usual way that schools have class is by having teachers teach during the day. Then, the students are sent home in order to complete some homework.

Khan Academy flips this concept on its head. Using its online resources, students can learn more about the concept at home by watching videos and the like. At home, core skills are understood. Then, at school, they do exercises where the teacher can assist and guide them more. They can also utilize more peer to peer tutoring and engaging activities.

Khan Academy is very easy to use. Its accessibility is one reason why there are so many users. It also has a number of great courses on a variety of topics and subjects.


Coursera is a fantastic website. Much like other websites, it plays host to a great number of courses spanning a multitude of topics. All of these courses are under one free database.

The best thing about this is that the website is partnered with many different organizations and universities across the globe. Thus, you will find several courses from these universities and school.

The topics are very in-depth and it is all free. The only time you will need to pay is if you require a certificate to show for all the hard work you have done. You can pay a modest fee and add that certificate to your resume’. After completing all the course’s work of course.


How will these websites differ from one another? Aren’t they all the same? Well, let Udemy surprise you.

Udemy is much like Coursera. It offers free online courses on a variety of topics. They are also all free. So what sets Udemy apart from the rest?

The one thing that Udemy has got going for it is that it leaves the power with the students. In this website, learners can create custom courses by putting together various lessons. Since the website works with different schools and teachers, you have a lot of different points of view on the same topics.

Customizability and quality are the two hallmarks of Udemy.

These are only a few websites that can offer you free online courses. Look around and find the ones that work for you.

2 Ways For You To Improve Your Typing Speed

One aspect of work life that people take for granted is typing speed. In the age of computers, the rate of typing for a person is important. Depending on the job that you do, faster typing means faster work. These include a programmer, a writer, and a transcriber to name a few.

However, the speed at which you type down pieces of information or encoding data is not the main reason why typing speed is important. In all actuality, the reason people try and improve their typing speed is that we try to make it so our typing keeps up with the speed of our thoughts.

For writers for example, it is idea that they type as fast as they think. That way, there is no lag between their thoughts and on recording them. The fact is, practicing your typing is a good investment.

Here are two ways for you to improve your typing speed.


The first thing you need to change when you are trying to improve your typing speed is the way you sit in front of your computer. Every small detail matters here when you type. Failure to do it correctly may affect your physical health.

First thing to do is ensure that you are sitting up straight. This helps you focus and concentrate more. Next, your elbows must be right angles towards the keyboard. This allows you to maintain straight wrists when you are typing.

This also ensures that your hands can float comfortably when you type. Most people type with their wrists resting on the table. Do not do this. If this continues on, people may get carpal tunnel syndrome. This affliction will lock a person’s wrist and hand. They will not be able to open their hands until surgery is done.

Finally, all your fingers have a place on the keyboard. The thumbs on both hands should rest on the space bar. The left index is on “F”, while the right is on “J”. All other fingers follow that line so that the left pinky is on “A” and the right pinky is on “;”.

This is the ideal position of your fingers. From here, each finger is assigned a different set of keys that are within its reach. You should practice having them type the letters that are closest to them.

Use Online Sites

There are a number of free online typing speed websites that you can take advantage of online.

Typingweb is the first one that comes to mind. This website has a variety of free online courses that you can take about typing. It goes from basic to advanced so you can gauge what level you are in and choose the right course.

If you feel bored with these courses, you can try out Typeracer. This website is a fun way to improve your typing speed. The concept is that the faster you type certain words, the faster your car reaches the finish line. You face off up to three other typing foes. Fastest typer wins!

We at the Training News team hope that you better understand why typing speed matters and how to improve it.